Kid Made Modern Paintbrush Library

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Each of the 24 brushes is labeled with its proper name and a brief description of when you might use each one, to help educate you as you paint. It all comes in convenient canvas carrying case to keep your tools organized and ready to create.


Each brush is printed with its proper name and a description of when to use it

Made with synthetic bristles

Brushes range from 7.5” – 8.5” long


2 small round brushes

2 medium round brushes

2 large round brushes

1 small flat brush

1 small angle brush

1 medium angle brush

1 large angle brush

1 fan brush

1 small filbert brush

1 medium filbert brush

1 small rigger brush

1 large rigger brush

1 1” all-purpose brush

1 2” all-purpose brush

1 1” bright brush

1 ½” bright brush

1 ¾” bright brush

1 small mop brush

1 medium mop brush

1 large mop brush


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