Nate1Design 2020 Hazy Sutro Wood Panel

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Nathan 'Nate1' Tan started his 20+ year endeavor as a Hip Hop Graffiti Artist and muralist in San Francisco and Daly City. Today he works with 1AM Gallery where he teaches a Graffiti Art History class and workshops. Nate also owns and designs a hip infant and kids clothing line called New Skool. It is manufactured locally and has been distributed across the US, Japan, Ireland and Hong Kong.

In 1996 Nate transferred his street aesthetic and urban art form from the walls to canvas. Nate’s artwork themes range from graffiti typography, cartoon spray cans and characters to portraits of urban landscapes. Nate’s goal is to educate people by taking the word graffiti out of its negative context and reinventing it’s meaning in a positive light.

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