Zelma Rose Shore Necklace Indigo

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Lisa Anderson Shaffer is a contemporary fiber artist, photographer, and author, living and working in West Marin County, California. She holds a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and a MS from San Francisco State University, and is a 3 time California Arts Council Artist in Residence Recipient. Her luxury fiber jewelry line Zelma Rose is sold in brick and mortar and museum stores around the world. Lisa's work is deeply influenced by the wild and natural surroundings of her mountain top home and studio, Casa del Cielo. Her designs serve as modern day wearable art and a fresh interpretation of the ancient and classic craft of hand weaving and knot work. Each piece is handcrafted by the artist and represents her mission to create ethically crafted jewelry that is distinctive and memorable.





All designs begin with 100% cotton cord and sustainable hemp cord. I love working in cotton for its minimal weight, beautiful drape, and natural origin. Hemp is wonderful to work with as a wrapping medium due to its durability and sustainability.



All cord colors are hand dyed in small batches with significant attention paid to materials used and water consumed. All vats are dyed using Fiber Reactive Dye from local Dharma Trading Company. Dharma has been responsibly creating their own dyes and supplies since 1969. 

Fiber Reactive Dyes have a natural base and work beautifully on cotton but also offer consistent deep and permanent color without residue, fading or rubbing off. They utilize a soda ash fixative, which is very low impact environmentally and once a dye vat is finished, the water is pumped right back into the waste water supply. No special environmental treatment required.

 All cord is washed both before and after dying. Like colors are washed together to minimize water use. Over the years, I have been able to get more and more cord out of each dye vat. Currently each color sits in only 6 gallons of water yielding about 6 months of cord.  Once dyed and washed, cord is laid to dry in the California sun.



Zelma Rose designs are zero to minimal waste. The studio motto is measure twice, cut once.



All necklaces are finished with high quality brass end caps, jump rings and clasps.


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