About us

Perch: to alight or rest upon, to settle or stay after descending.

Perch – An eclectic collection of gifts & home accents influenced by our favorite mix of modern, vintage and international products. Perch offers an environment where we hope you feel welcome, want to stay, perch awhile and find something unique for your nest. Our website will give you a glimpse of what our shop has to offer.
In a time when almost any product can be found online, we wanted to create a place where we could introduce our customers to all of the things we love.
So we set about assembling a great collection of items and displaying them in an environment that is inspiring, comfortable and encourages our customers to take their time and explore. And just as important, we want to make everyone feel welcome and a part of the Perch family.
So on your next visit to Glen Park, please come visit, browse awhile, linger if you like, Perch.